Saturday, 27 December 2008

being nothing, going nowhere

May this healing divinity help us all.

Friday, 19 December 2008

sailing smoother

Things are getting easier day by day, it is less stressing to talk to others and I'm getting accustomed to the cold eventhough I don't really like it. I miss home, miss my friends and the nice views of Syd. I'm going away for the weekend tomorrow to a nice warm little town Xochicalco ("the place where flowers grow" in Náhuatl the tongue of the original owners of this country. The moods rollercoaster is still pretty intense but things are getting easier as I said, I might even find a temporary counsellor to keep up with my therapy, it'd be good to talk to someone neutral.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

'Tis nearly Xmas time again, oh pox!
I am back home for winter and I'm not liking it all that much. After a second 5 week season at 'club mad' it seemed like a good idea to travel overseas for near 24 hours to be nursed back to health by mum. I hope it works. i just feeling really cold, my tonsils hurt again and my appendisectomy scar doesn't seem to be all that bad, at least is just uggly but not painful unless I poke it...
Who knows what time will bring - health and contentment for me - i hope.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

back to basics

Here I am again, receiving social benefits, asking for a health card, begging for a transport concession, lining up for public housing - oh great fuck! this wasn't meant to be my life!!!!! - I can hear myself howling, sobbing, trying to drown the horrible noises one makes when crying with hopeless abandonment. I feel embarrassed to display such emotion in public, I bet I make all those public servants feel very uncomfortable when I lose it. I wish I didn't cry when they ask me about 'assets' - I laugh hysterically and then I sob out of control, how can I keep my dignity when they have taken all my information away and dissected it in little pieces?
They know everything about me, they know I have $34.50 to last me 2 weeks, they know my rent is much more expensive than the full benefit I will get, they know my medications cost about $250 a month and yet I will only get $10.50 . Oh you will get a health card!, Oh yea, and the what? that thing will be good for 2 months and then what?
What the fuck am I supposed to do? I am about to be homeless, soon after I will be jobless, no need to mention I am living in extreme poverty already.
I am keeping up appearances at the moment, I haven't yet told my landlord about my situation out of fear to be kicked out on the street, so I scratch every single penny I get to pay for my stay here. I have officially become a parasite of my best friend, the one who pays for my meals, my clothes, and very nearly my transport to get to and from work. How can I keep going?
How can I look myself in the mirror and say 'it will all be alright'?
I have never felt so ashamed of myself before, I don't know what is going to happen. I want to quit, I want to give it all up

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I'm back again (or is it aging?), anyhow...
After a brief stay at 'Club Mad' I'm back at home, nearly back at work (poo), supposed to be "leading a normal,rewarding and interesting life, full or blah,blah, (shit! am I supposed to be listening?) bullshit" - oh crap! I hope they are not asking me any questions about that speech because I'd be farked - that was my internal dialogue whilst I could hear the Chinese Prime Minister on the distance protesting about violations to his human rights and ascribing to the first amendment to the constitution, somebody should have told him that 'this is China-Town!' I have mixed feelings about being a little bit proud that the President of the USA-cum-PrimeMinisterofChina-cum-Chief-of-Paediatrics-cum-CIA-cum-ChineseSecretPolice-cum-RH was very afraid of me, and I didn't say a word to him, but he would shut up and be very, very still when I was in the room, He must have known I needed peace and quiet.
Most of the nurses at Unit 4 were lovely, then again we had some rough-n-tumble, cultural and language differences you might call it - in the case of P, pure stupidity mixed with insensitivity.
Being crazy is not that bad after all, it is actually quite refreshing to let go of most inhibitions and walk around in circles like a caged bear, gesticulating and whispering 'fack,fack,fack,fack,fack,fck,ck ck,ck,ck,f '(you become lazy after a while)
All is good now, the crisis has passed, I endured 3 weeks on board, staying in a private luxury cabin, dutifully eating my ration of SnappyTom.

Dodging the drug patrol in the mornings was a different story, one has to be a bit lucid to know when to quit and I reckon that Benzodiazepines and I just ain't good mates, so I developed ( more like copied McMurphy's) a method for pretending I swallowed but in fact I spat the little one out, faithfully every morning i would "take" my 3 tablets and then candidly "washed" my hands and the queta down the sink with it.
100mg of quetiapine and 20mg of temazipam just to get me to sleep at night is quite a heavy hand, and then in the morning take 300mg of venlafaxine (to put you up) and another 100mg of Queta (just to chill), no way! I spent most days asleep, in an unconscious dreamy state, perhaps that is what took me back to the surface. Dreaming can be exhausting, it can be scary, it can be more painful that reality in certain ways, so I decided to cling to this 'reality' at least is a bit less scary than some dreams.

After all IT IS GOOD TO BE HOME (at least for the next 2 weeks)

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

all fuzzy around the edges

I'm still feeling so numb, I still don't understand why someone would use such an excuse, why would someone lie about something like that, how could one pretend as if everything was the just as normal? I can't get my head around it.
I don't want to stop trusting in people, I still believe that everyone is inherently good natured, kind and loving; I refuse to believe this is not true at all. I believe circumstances make people act mean and be unkind, and yet, why?
Why do I still love like a child and then my trust and my love get abused and my heart gets shattered? This time was a different kind of broken heart, it was a profound disappointment to know the truth (even though this truth has helped me to move away).
Still, in the back of my mind I worry about your mental health, why did you not seem to understand what I was telling you - it was clear as the day? Were you just acting? You have been caught with your pants down, just own up to it!
Just tell the truth for once!!!!!!!!!!!
Stop telling lies and face the reality of it all, you are old enough to know that what you have done was wrong in many levels, it was not only abusing my trust and taking advantage of my friendship and the fact that I was always kind to you, it was also the fact that you used your own deceased father as an excuse, you kept him 'alive' just for your convenience, three months of lies!
Were you just after pity? Did you want sympathy?
Now all I feel for you is disappointment, and it hurts so much, it really makes me sad.

I really trusted you. You just managed to further break my heart - when you lose a love is hard, when your lover goes is so painful, but when your friend shows you how they deceived you, it is just plain desolation..

Sunday, 31 August 2008

liar, liar pants on fire...

What was I to think, to feel, to do with this piece of information?
Did you really think I would never find out? Why did you act as if I was doing you wrong when I confronted you? I wasn't the one who lied.
Were you putting on an act pretending not to understand what I was talking about? Dates, facts, written proof, even when I gave you all the benefit of the doubt and gave you a chance to fess up with no dramas, still you pretended.
Are you losing it?
Have you lost it?

Monday, 4 August 2008


Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow morning early enough to to the gym.
Yesterday was such a nice day, I went walking along the bay and saw so many beautiful doggies! Work has been such a bitch, dragon-lady keeps making every one's life such a drag. She constantly has this face all wrinkled with her lips tightly pursed in such disapproving contempt, she truly has a cat's-bum-face.

I know I shouldn't let it get to me but I come to work in reasonably good spirits and sure enough she will find an excuse to be so passive-aggressive is not funny, last week was my near over-dose with medication ( hence I was 2 1/2 days away from work) - no, this time was totally unintentional, I did not try to over-dose by myself, the psychiatrist prescribed some zanax to try and stop the manic state I was into but we didn't think I was going to react so badly to it, in any case, I am never taking zanax again, that stuff is truly evil!
O.K. back to my bitching about dragon-lady, today she wasn't happy I did the late shift because I thought Caz would leave early, and then I dared saying the radio station we were listening to really sucked, she took that as personal offence, then I took a slightly longer lunch because I had to go to the chemist, so by the time I came back she was absolutely furious and yet all she did was act like a drama queen and only walk around muttering 'this is such a hard life, such a rough world, nobody cares about me and I can never get away with stuff like...'

Then naturally something else had to go astray in the comedy of errors that the shop seems to be: one of the computers wasn't working, so here I go trying to untangle all the different cables under the counter and trying this and that to no avail, until finally I fixed it but not without getting another tongue lashing and yet another reminder of how fucking horrible it must be to be old, alone and pissed off with the world - but that has been her own choice, she made it, now she has to cope it.

I do feel for her, I know what loneliness is, I know about sadness and pain, and wrong choices, but I truly never want to end up so angry at the world and make everyone believe (especially myself) that I have been hard done by life.
Just like the song says "I get knocked down, but I get up again"

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

a drug update

My current prescription is as follows:

300mg Efexor XR morning
700mg Epilim morning
700mg Epilim night

of which I take 300mg efexor/morning and 1000mg epilim/night. Epilim makes me feel very slow, sleepy, tired, foggy-brained and dizzy, I can't seem to be able to find my words or to express myself coherently. Efexor gives me a perpetual tremor and sometimes I drop things on the floor and make a mess because I can't control the shaking of my body so I have pretty much given up on cooking.

I've put on weight and I have chronic back pain since starting epilim, oh, and my periods have nearly disappeared too.

It all just seems like too much but I have only just started epilim and I must give it a good go for at least another 5 months to a year before I decide to stop or change it, at some point I am meant to find the one thing that works for me - whatever that may be.

Chin up and keep on going

and it continues

Life keeps going on, and the world keeps on turning. I keep going up and down and I'm trying hard to learn the art of controlling the moods, not only with medication, but also by not allowing myself to surrender to the sinking lows nor the amazing highs.
I wish I had more highs...

Last one was a couple of weeks ago and it was when I decided to let Pharlap go, now I'm trying to get out of the down that normally follows and I miss him deeply, but I will prevail and I will not go back, I won't ask him for anything and I will not allow myself to feel lonely and think that I need him. I am OK and I can manage on my own, I always have and always will.

My tonsils got infected 3 weeks ago and now I must consider very carefully if I want them removed, perhaps that's the best option, I'm not too convinced as yet...

My bonsai is thriving, just as I am

Thursday, 10 July 2008

oh shit!

I'm loving cigarettes again, that cannot be good.
I had a job interview today, I thought it went quite well, however, I got and email saying:
"Dear M...
I write to you regarding your application and recent interview for the role of xxx at xxx, regrettably this time you have bee unsuccessful, we wish you the best of luck in your job search, yada, yada, yada, Blah, blah, bullshit..."

I am over-qualified for the role and apparently I cost too much money - oh well! It was a good target practice anyhow. Up, up and away I reckon, better will come my way, it is just a matter of time.

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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

far out!!!!

It has been a long, long time.
Dear pharlap, as you can see, I am doing just great. I didn't die, I didn't cry, I didn't care - to be quite honest...
It was about time I let go, perhaps I was just very afraid I wouldn't be able to cope on my own, but know I see I can and even better - I am happy to do do it all on my own.

Let us make a toast: TO ME & MY GLORIOUS AND STRONG HEART!

Thursday, 3 April 2008


So, here I am again

Well over 1 month, yes I have been up and down and quite frankly I couldn't be bothered with it. Life is still a roller coaster, the ups are great and the downs are hair raising and yet I prevail.
Looking for a new job, still nothing.
I would love to go away but can't afford it yet - but soon I will be able to do what I please (whatever that is).

Pharlap and I are still going, wow! it's been one year already, who would have thought? He is sweet and at times a complete tool but he is who he is and yes, I love him just because he is well, Pharlap. I never thought I had a thing for older men but it turns out I do, and it's cool by me.

The new drug to be commenced in a couple of weeks is Lithium - lots of side effects and yet this could be the very first time I ever get to experience the mediocre middle, not up, not down, not on the way there, just plain and even. I am scared shit-less and at the same time I am quite curious about it but if this can be the way for me to not have mood swings I am willing to give it a fair go - I do want to know what is "normal life" according to the establishment. After all, the one thing I know how to do is to SURVIVE.

I learnt that there are 3 different types of bipolar disorder, who would have thought! I have BiPD2 with melancholic depression, so, the stay in ward26 was diagnosed as double depression however now it has been revised as a depressive episode aggravated by environmental and social circumstances, I hate to get these little updates by mail. The next step is for me to have a full medical and then once I commence Lithium therapy I will be having a needle every 2 weeks just to make sure I am OK, I will not be allowed to do lots of things including heavy exercise or a reduction in salt intake or ever heavy perspiration - life is looking like it will be heavily regimented for me - I only hope I can cope

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Still riding the roller coaster that is my life...
I like Pure Blonde beer
and Lindt dark chocolate with cherry
my favourite meal at the moment is a huge bowl of green salad with slice of grilled haloumi on top
lime zest aioli and hot chips
organic beef sausages
home made pizza
tempura soft shell crab
hemp seed oil, ume vinegar, umeboshi puree, capers, sesame seeds and lemon juice salad dressing

Thursday, 7 February 2008

it has finally happened

I have officially become a complete BORE!
I'm bored at work, i get bored going to and from work, I find televison boring, I lose concentration when trying to read because I find it a bit boring, newspapers are very boring, fashion magazines are B_O_R_I_N_G!
IKU food is so plain and boring, Roman numerals are boring, people with constipation who want me to know about it annoy me.
All thi whinging and bitching about life sucks but I really feel like giving it a good go!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

mmmmmmmmmm pancakes

I'm back in Sydney, back at work and disliking it as much as ever.
Being 'on the level' is a weird feeling, I've been 'normal' for a long time already, I can't say I miss the sad me, the depressed me, but somehow I miss the hypomanic me a little eventhough that feeling is more and more distant and the body memory of the hyper states is fading away...

Life is good

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy happy joy joy

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want 2008 to be a better, happier, healthier, lovelier year.
I am content being by myself, this is the way it was meant to be, I am well and getting better everyday.
I want to move to Port Douglas by July and begin a new life here with the fish, the turtles and the reef, I am inlove with the place...