Monday, 17 September 2007

the good, the bad & the ugly

good: Monday 17th is nearly over
bad: 8 months ago
ugly: it still hurts
good: I stood up for myself against bigB trying to put his foot on my neck
bad: I hate my job
ugly: my jobs makes me feel physically ill, like I am going to throw up as soon as get there
good: I am looking for a new job
bad: no luck with the job hunting so far
ugly: the salaries offered are even less than what I am making now, which is really not enough..
good: decided I want to leave this city as soon as possible
bad: don't know when that will happen
ugly: city living
good: I am stronger now
bad: I'm too proud to admit my weaknesses
ugly: I have the bad habit of self-sabotage
good: my friends are great
bad: sometimes "I'm too busy" to let them know how much I love them
ugly: I can be really slack to reply to emails
good: I enjoy my own company
bad: I feel lonely quite often
ugly: I tend to isolate myself - not good when you're already feeling lonely...
good: I'm getting better
bad: major depressive disorder
ugly: suicidal thoughts
good: cognitive-behavioural therapy
bad: reality can be painful
ugly: looking at oneself hitting rock bottom
good: being me
bad: not liking being me
ugly: being angry at myself
good: loving me, LOVE IS GREAT!!
bad: there is really nothing bad about loving and love, even though it can be painful.
ugly: love is irrational and indomitable