Wednesday, 23 July 2008

a drug update

My current prescription is as follows:

300mg Efexor XR morning
700mg Epilim morning
700mg Epilim night

of which I take 300mg efexor/morning and 1000mg epilim/night. Epilim makes me feel very slow, sleepy, tired, foggy-brained and dizzy, I can't seem to be able to find my words or to express myself coherently. Efexor gives me a perpetual tremor and sometimes I drop things on the floor and make a mess because I can't control the shaking of my body so I have pretty much given up on cooking.

I've put on weight and I have chronic back pain since starting epilim, oh, and my periods have nearly disappeared too.

It all just seems like too much but I have only just started epilim and I must give it a good go for at least another 5 months to a year before I decide to stop or change it, at some point I am meant to find the one thing that works for me - whatever that may be.

Chin up and keep on going

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