Friday, 25 May 2007

these are a few of my favourite things

The following is just a list of some of the things I like the best.

1. the smell of fresh jasmine
2. clean, crips bed sheets
3. the smell of the ocean
4. a cold beer on a hot day
5. waking up feeling refreshed
6. appricots
7. freshly brewd double espressos
8. people who say 'you're welcome'
9. puppy dogs
10. sun showers
11. looking fabulous in a new dress
12. hugs for no reason
13. fresh figs
14. soft, warm jumpers in winter
15. short shorts
16. cotton socks
17. turttles
18. gardenias
19. Team America World Police
20. multiple orgasms
21. dark chocolate
22. strawberry cheese cake
23. the smell of cinnamon
24. shoes!!!!
25. laughing out loud with my best friend

Thursday, 24 May 2007

from the islands of Fiji...

Yeah right!, I wish I was there, but not, I am still at home, but my water bottle has that slogan, so I thought to myself: dear me, wouldn't it be lovely to be in Fiji right now? - Oh well! one can always dream...

I am getting closer to my escapade to Madrid and Korea, wow time passes so quick! it feels like it was just 2 weeks ago that I started writing this blog but it has been a fair while back, must say I am so much better now, feeling stronger, knowing myself a little bit better and for the best part less sad than before.

My strange relationship of sorts is going OK, we speak only when necessary, do not display affection in public, spend 1 night a week together and only contact each other once a day by sms. It seems like the perfect yet-highly -neurotic -but-mature and grown up relationship my not-boyfriend always wanted. I don't trust him, so I go along with this stupid game but don't know for how long I will put up with it.

I actually want affection and attention, and lots of it. I want to have someone who wants me, who loves me and who I can trust, someone who wants to talk to me and not just sit next to me whilst we read and never talk. He is great in so many levels but his phlegmatic ways drive me crazy! How can a person be so passionate about certain issues and yet be so cold and damp when it comes to life itself????

Oh my! the other problem is: the clock is ticking - yes that clock! I want to have a baby, and the desire is getting stronger and stronger, I know now is virtually impossible for me to fall pregnant but I want to have kids soon, as soon as I am ready - physically, emotionally and once I find a dad for them. 2.3 little beautiful baby monkeys, I will be in heaven when that happens.

Things are getting interesting in other aspects of life, I hate work and I have decide to start applying for new jobs, a federal erection is looming and the political conundrums have always tickled my fancy, so it seems to be getting a better year now. My birthday is fast approaching and I will officially be an 'old-fucka' so there's lots of exciting happenings all around.

Bad news in the health front: I have a nasty kidney infection, I don't know how it got there but the point is: I am sick again and taking antibiotics again - that sucks! My theory is that because I hate my job my body allows all sorts of nasties to get in so if I get sick I will not have to go to drug-fucked oxford street, I really cannot stand the stench or the filth of the street anymore, I need to get out of there as soon as possible, it is not fair on my body nor my soul for me to allow my discontent to manifest physically in order for me to change my situation.

That place is full of memories for me and yes, it is still painful some days to drag myself there and talk to people about what never was - yes there are still some who ask about ....

The fever is coming back, I will take some nurofen and try to sleep a little, hopefully will dream happy days to come...