Wednesday, 19 September 2012

After the party

So, I'm back in HQ at Mexico City after traveling to the desert city of Durango north of the capital. It was nice, it's a quietish town quite small for a city in this country but full of old interesting buildings.
I went to the XXVIII Festival of Medicinal Plants, attended a pretty cookie seminar that was supposed to be on Music-therapy but in reality was about strange stuff about god and spirituality, which I don't particularly care about but there was a fair bit of dancing and that was fun!
I did ritual dancing every morning at 6a.m and for someone with the exquisite pain I feel all the time I did pretty well, naturally every afternoon I thought my back was about to snap but I enjoyed myself.
The worse part was the coach ride there and back 12hrs each way - that sucks!!!
Now back @ HQ I feel exhausted, still 4 more weeks in Mexico before I go back home to Oz.
It was a fun party.