Friday, 28 December 2007

the wet is here

Finally, the rain has come...
Everything is so shinny and clean, all the plants glow happy and the birds are going loudly insane, just like the frogs - noisy little fuckers all of them! but God loves'em, I love them, this place is utter bliss and indeed paradise to me.
The mood is going a bit funny but will go to visit the local medic and see what can be done - silly me I don't have enough meds to last me until the end of my stay I can see them on top of my table back at home, I just forgot to put them in my bag - what a silly cow!
The people here is so friendly and I feel just at home, I've been dreaming about the turtles and the pretty fish on the reef - oh what a wonderful world....

Sunday, 23 December 2007

i like it Dougie style!

Why is it that getting out of Syd seems to be the best remedy for depression? I am having a ball up here! Port Douglas is so nice, the weather is perfect, the rain forest is absolutely amazing and I am feeling much better.
Seriously considering making the permanent move to this shores....
Xmas is rapidly approaching but I scored an invite to luch with some great people on the 25th, I feel happy here, I can see it becoming my home.