Wednesday, 14 February 2007


From the creators of Christmas consumerism, Hallmark Corporation brings to you: Valentine's day, and it sux!!!
Why? On top of all the dates in which you are expected to buy presents, make phone calls and send cards, now we are told that we must spend yet more money on a completely random day in the middle of February, I don't like it. I have never been able to get it and now that I am again single and dateless is just seems even more unnecessary to have a specific day in which to show love by "buying it".

Oh my! I sound so bitter, don't I? - Well, I don't care. Walking around the city was a bit hard today, every other person had a bouquet of flowers or a rose or a present or balloons, or a teddy bear in their hands, all the couples appeared to be soooooooo much inlove. It made me feel rather inadequate, not because I naturally didn't get (and of course didn't give) anything for Valentine's, but because of the fact of finding myself longing for love when I was meant to be having the best time of my life.

Yes, yes, I know it seems to be too soon, but I really don't want to be alone, I want to find someone who loves me and although I am still in love with him, I do not see the point for me to wait - fact is: he is never coming back, so there's no reason to force myself to live my life alone, to be lonely, I don't like that feeling and I don't want it. So, I am on the look again, hoping that this time luck and love will be on my side.

Love, passion, companionship, great sex, a good husband, 2 babies, and happiness, that is what I want for myself, it may seem like is too much to ask but I know in my heart that it is what I deserve.
I would like to have a puppy dog.

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