Monday, 12 February 2007

Balancing act

Ice skating was fun.
I went to work today, it was a very slow day. The rain keeps everyone out of the streets but when you work in retail is not very good for business.

A good friend is leaving work in 2 weeks, it will be good for him as he will have a more relaxed job and more time to spend with his partner, still it will be sad to say good bye, he is a good bloke. We shall miss him.

Going back to work is a bit hard, I feel very anxious when I'm there, I feel as if everyone can see right through me, I feel so self conscious and it makes me panicky. It takes so much energy to put on a facade, to pretend that I am OK, that I'm in control when I am really just so scared and all I seem to do when I am alone is cry inconsolably.

Why is it that even if I can see all the marvelous things life has to offer my heart cannot find joy? Sitting outside gazing at the trees and the plants and the birds that fly around is so beautiful, so full of magic. Yet my heart is else where and my mind seems to be constantly dampen by those horrible thoughts. I know I shouldn't but I miss everything about him, I miss his eyes, his voice, his body, his love, I miss him cooking porridge for me in the morning, his hands caressing me, his kisses, his messy hair, the way he made love to me. Who will ever be able to fill his place? I am sure I will fall in love again, it is in my nature to love, I don't know any other way.

Love is such a strange thing, we are always constantly expossed to it and yet it sometimes seems that there is no love at all in this world. The love of one's mum and one's family can be overbearing and is also great at the same time. The love we feel for our parents and our friends, and our pets and even the attachment we have to our possessions, all these are different kinds of love, and love is great. Romantic love is a tricky thing, is wonderful but is bitter, is the most joyeous feeling of them all and it can be the most painful too; it can make you or break you.

Losing your lover can be so hard, breaking up is hard to do, hard to take, hard to overcome but is not impossible, it just takes time, sometimes is a long, long time, sometimes the next true love is just around the corner. One can fall in and out of love so easily, falling in and out of lust is even easier, sometimes one doesn't even fall in love nor in lust, sometimes is just covetting, and that is only human.
Is only love that gets you through...

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