Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My beautiful Simon

I am bereft, heartbroken, destroyed. 
My love is dead. My beautiful man decided to end his suffering and go back to the loving kindness of the universe. I know his pain has ended. He lived a rich, full, complicated life, I know he enjoyed many happy moments and he fulfilled his dream of being a great helicopter pilot. 
There was much adversity on his life and much sadness and loneliness but he enjoyed a blessed childhood, a loving family, and he was loved beyond limits by myself and others. 
He conducted himself with honesty and dignity, he fought his pains and his demons with such courage and grace until the end. He was a true gentleman. 
I shall forever miss his love, his smile, his beautiful eyes. 
He was the one who truly knew me and accepted the deeply flawed person that I am without conditions or reservations. 
I know he loved me. 

Farewell my love until we meet again. 

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