Wednesday, 4 July 2007

dear phar lap

I wish I was a good girl, I wish I was able to say I was in love with you - but I am not...
The truth is: I do love your ck, but as far as loving you, I am affraid to say I didn't have the chance to feel 'the feeling' if you follow me...
I'd have loved to fall for you but you never made me feel safe, you never let me fell like I could trust you, and yes, it is absolutely true, we enjoyed each other - and true - we do not love each other beyond friends.
Perhaps this will come as a horrible offence to some people and yet this is who I am: I just want to find someone to have great sex with. i will fall inlove again, but I do not know when or who with, the fact is: I love sex, I want to have someone who wants to fuck me day and night and in between, and also someone who loves me enough to let me be myself.

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