Friday, 13 July 2007

a lot less hyper


I am way less manic this time, I really miss the whole feeling of not caring about anything and being invinsible!!! - Alas! it only lasts for so long and the come down is not nice at all and a lot longer lasting.
At least now I have reduced the medication by 1/3 so I am in the road to recovery or so I wish to believe. Doctor 'no-idea' wants me to go on lithium, I don't really want to, I can see the advantages of stabilizing my mood, however I can also find lots of reasons why not to take it. This is very hard indeed, on one hand there are great benefits yet in the other the risk is very big so at the moment I have decided against it. I will keep on working hard towards being healthy and depression free by doing all I can do except for taking lithium - at least for the time being.

I am so close to going to Spain, oh my god!!!!!

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