Tuesday, 16 April 2013


After countless medical tests and trials on several medications with horrible side effects, the conclusion is 'we don't know'.
I'm very tired to hear 'you're too young to take these meds' 'you shouldn't have pain' - Well, fact is I do have pain, constant, debilitating, stupid pain, and as to my age, am I supposed to just put up with the pain and wait until 20 more years pass before I am 'eligible' for adequate pain relief?
I'm tired because I don't sleep, the pain wakes me up, can't find a comfortable spot for long enough so I get rest.
I'm tired because people don't believe I am in pain just cause they can't see it.
I'm tired of life being so painful.
Pain is so terribly isolating, I am alone and the stupid pain is so obtrusive, it interferes with every single aspect of my life.
I'm tired of trying so hard everyday and all for what?
Nothing's getting better

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