Sunday, 9 September 2012


So, after 4 years since my last visit I'm once again in Mexico, Mexico City to be precise, I'm glad to be here, after all who knows if and when I'll be able to come back. I was hoping for a relaxing, invigorating, joyful holiday but on my second day only I managed to end up in fucking emergency at a Neurology Hospital with the mother of all migraines, the drs thought I was having a stroke! Thankfully it wasn't that sinister, it turned out to be a 'flare up' of he polymyositis, I was aware it is a relapsing and remitting condition however I had no idea a relapse could be so full on!!! CT scan, drip w wonderful painkillers, lots of blood taken out and a freaking Lumbar Puncture later I am now getting used to the level of pain one notch up and thanking my lucky stars I wasn't admitted for that would indeed suck balls during my holiday!!! I hate pain and my body hates me. My live and thoughts to all of those out there suffering from chronic pain in particular but also thinking of all those ill, in acute pain and in need of medical attention.

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