Wednesday, 19 September 2012

After the party

So, I'm back in HQ at Mexico City after traveling to the desert city of Durango north of the capital. It was nice, it's a quietish town quite small for a city in this country but full of old interesting buildings.
I went to the XXVIII Festival of Medicinal Plants, attended a pretty cookie seminar that was supposed to be on Music-therapy but in reality was about strange stuff about god and spirituality, which I don't particularly care about but there was a fair bit of dancing and that was fun!
I did ritual dancing every morning at 6a.m and for someone with the exquisite pain I feel all the time I did pretty well, naturally every afternoon I thought my back was about to snap but I enjoyed myself.
The worse part was the coach ride there and back 12hrs each way - that sucks!!!
Now back @ HQ I feel exhausted, still 4 more weeks in Mexico before I go back home to Oz.
It was a fun party.

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Anonymous said...

hola! he estado tratando de localizarte, para saber si nos veremos en esta visita tuya al DF... Te mandé un mail también que espero hayas podido leer.
Te mando un abrazo, cuídate mucho.