Saturday, 19 July 2014


I went back to work today. 
At a new location but for the same charity organisation. I cannot say I liked my new colleagues all that much, all of them are much older and were very patronising towards me and condescending towards our customers, I trully hope it was "just a bad day" and not a true representation of what work is going to be like in the future...
1st question: what's wrong with you? Do you hava a sore leg? (Pointing to my walking stick)
Answer: no sore leg, I - (got interrupted)
Question 2: so you had a stroke and that's why your speech is slurred?
Answer: no, I've haven't had a stroke
Statement 1: it must have been a terrible accident, you poor thing, and so young
Answer: I will go check on the stock out the back

None of those assumptions were correct, I do not like to be "empoverished", I fucking hate to be pitied, if that interaction had been with a six year-old child I could have tried to teach them some manners and would have answered their questions candidly, but for an older than 60, it is shameful. 
I also got asked for a "Fit to Work Certificate" which I think it's not at all right. They've assumed that because I'm young I have to "work for the dole" with them, they couldn't be more wrong! I'm doing it because I believe it is my civil duty and I want to help, however, I will go elsewhere if they keep making me feel unwelcome. 

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