Monday, 13 April 2009

the bright side of life

I am feeling much better than on my last post, it turned out to be a bad side effect from a combination of nortryptilline and venlafaxine. The latter of which I am now free of, today was my last day on that particular med and although I'm feeling a bit sick physically my mood is better, not suicidal any more, not so teary.
This holiday just sneaked up on me, is the holidays that make me feel the loneliest, at least I am in hospital so if I feel like a good cry there is staff at hand to talk things through with them, they have been really nice to me on this stay.
I ate too much chocolate yesterday - hence the mad headache and the funny belly.
I am feeling better.

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marso said...

dando una vuelta por tu blog y saludándote, qué bien que te sientas mejor! los chocolates ayudan ;)