Tuesday, 11 December 2007

raining in Sydney

So much water!, the farkin' end of the year is nigh, xmas is coming again, and I will fuck off to a tropical paradise - always intelligent me decided to go during the wet season...
Historically I have never done well around xmas so the most sensible thing is to be a coward and run for cover, so I am going away for 20 days - yes!

The zombie pills are making me very sleepy, they are also making me fat and, much to my surprise, they are actually working. Whilst I do have some bad side effects I actually feel something I had never experienced before - balance... How weird! I had no idea that life can be like this, not sad but not happy, just in the middle (fucking weird if you ask me).

Perhaps I am not the only bi-polar bear in the family: I reckon my dad and my little bro also are but they would never go to take a test or endure painful sessions with psychiatrist and counsellor and lots of needles for blood tests and lots of agonising pain talking about heart ache over and over and over and over again.

No more news to report from the front.

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