Monday, 5 March 2007

and now what?

Back at work again.

There is this hole in the middle of my chest, it has always been there, it makes me feel like everyone can see through me, I am transparent at the best of times. I feel as if I am invisible, people can see through me.
I look at people on the street, people at work, I stare at them and they never look back at me, rarely get eye contact with others, not because I avoid it but because most people will look away when you try to look them in the eye, this is so sad. I am in desperate need for human contact, I feel so lonely. I need a hug, I want to feel wanted, I want to be loved.

I want this pain to end

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Anonymous said...

From my own experience: this is true. People rarely look back. Don't take it personal. I have been experimenting with this and my findings are, that the moment they notice you look at them, they look away: as if they don't want you to know that they were actually looking at you!